Meet LORI! founder of “Mandarin Orange Monday”!

Lori sweetNot exactly sure how we met. You know the amazing power of the Internet and it was just one of those days where an invite ensued and the rest is history! Now every Sunday think of what might be contributed that has some bit of orange in it; thanks to this very talented lady!!


Lori resides in Sydney Australia and her followers are global. It’s so much fun contributing in different languages and admiring cultures from all of this incredible world. Lori is not only a gifted heart felt writer, she is an artist “extreme“. From photography, beaded work and painting her expression is awe inspiring; “Art and a bit of Life”  You may locate her on pinterest here!

Today I merged Lori in a mystical storm, actually when I took the photo I thought of her as 1. the storm had some orange in it!! (YES she gets you thinking ORANGE!) 2. It’s what Lori is all about; REFRESHING BEAUTY! She inspired me to start my blog; 4Orange Sake  oh and you can even find her on facebook now!

Please feel free and join us every Monday! Lori will welcome you with open arms ( just Google Mandarin Orange Monday or click on open arms to get there)

You can click and add your blog link this Sunday!!


5 thoughts on “Meet LORI! founder of “Mandarin Orange Monday”!

  1. I can’t stop smiling…am speechless:))))) thank you Brenda! What wonderful things you wrote about me:))) You don’t know how much you have lifted me into the clouds:)
    Love your portrait of me btw)))

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